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"Thank you so much for inquiring and actually getting the 1800F series. Such awesome customer service with you guys and the fact that you carry all the beads makes it 1000% easier to shop for beads when trying to accommodate bead patterns. Not having to go to multiple sites to order Delica beads is marvelous. The website nice and simple, no unnecessary frills and finding the exact beads I want is wonderful. I’m so happy that I came across your website and plan on being a long time customer. Fast shipping and handling with cool little containers. Thanks again!" Kathy (Florida)

"Karl, I no longer need these beads, so a refund will work for me. Thank you for the awesome customer service you deliver! You are always quick to ship my orders, and eager to fix any problems. Your company is the BEST!!" Debi (Washington)

"Hey Karl. Just wanted to write you to let you know I appreciate you and the business we've had over the years. I'm going in to my 12th year designing bead patterns and I simply couldn't have done this without you and your STELLAR service! I really appreciate the way in which you package the beads and the promptness of your shipping. Really, you are amazing!" Julie (Texas)

"Hi Karl! I just wanted to let you know that I already received this shipment of beads and I am so impressed with your company and customer service! I placed the order pretty late on Friday night thinking you wouldn't be seeing the order until Monday or so and then I wouldn't receive the beads until Wednesday or so. Here it is Monday and I received them! I am so excited to have found your company. The beads are exactly what I was expecting with great packaging for shipment and I love the containers they come in. No little baggies but real nice containers. I am a pretty new beader but have really gotten into it and with your prices being great for online, being a US company and your outstanding shipping time - I will definitely use you as my go to bead supplier for these beads. I will be placing a larger order later this week.
I just want to say a big Thank You and let you know how impressed I was! Definitely my go to company now! Love it! Thank you!" Connie (New York)

"Karl, Just wanted to thank you for forwarding my last order so promptly....With Australia virtually closed down since noon last Tuesday I was not expecting to get them until the end of this week. But...this morning the parcel delivery lady had my package with her. Thanks again for now I can start Monet’s Waterlilies about all 78000 beads of it.
I did have some of the colours on hand due to my previous purchases from you. Have a wonderful New we will be swimming as it is currently very warm with sunny skies and short nights. And the test cricket series keeps everyone glued to the TV. Regards, Gael" (Australia)

"WOW, I can't believe the fast and great service! I received my order today. I thought it would be at least until mid week or so. THANK YOU!  I appreciate the little extra tubes of beads too - the tubes are too cute. ;o) I'll be starting Suzanne's Santa portrait soon - thought almost a year to get it done would be about right. ;o) Thanks again for the quick shipment and good service!" Carol (North Carolina)

"Received my order today. How quickly it came! I was wanting to do a project with colors of turquoise and brown beads, so I ordered several different colors of each for comparison. Now I am in more of a dilemma: I LOVE THEM ALL! How can I possibly chose two among such a beautiful display of color and hues? I love working with the Delica beads and I am so glad that you carry such a wide variety of colors. Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service. " Etheda (Oklahoma)

"Maris told me to only deal with you and now I know why. I am impressed with your service. I am a 'do it now' person so really appreciate the trouble you go to." Linda (Australia)

"I received my order today, thank you so much. I will highly recommend you to all of my beading friends. Your prices are good and your service and fast shipping are exceptional! I will definitely be placing all my future bead orders with you." Tina (South Carolina)

"I received my order and the beads are beautiful. I also want you know how touched I was that you included two extra orders of beads to replace the portion of my order you couldn't fulfill, AND you refunded the cost. That is unprecedented in my experience. The cost and quality of the beads alone would have made me a return customer, your customer service has made me a fan for life." Beth (California)

"Just sending you this email to say a big thank you for my beads. My experience of your service reflected comments that I had read from other very satisfied customers. To order on a Friday evening in England and to received my beads the following Thursday’s at 10.35am is truly amazing . I will certainly be ordering from you again. Many, many thanks." Bridgett (UK)

"OK, I am so impressed! I just placed my second order and as fast as you are, I won't be done with the first project before I get my beads for the second one!!!! Thank you so much. I will NEVER EVER EVER order from anyone are just to good to be true!! (if I am dreaming....PLEASE don't pinch me!!!) Your Customer forever!!!" Joni (Utah)

"Hi, Thanks for the update.  I received my order.........thank you.
Must say your stuff is just beautiful and your service is the best.
I will be doing more orders in the future.
Thanks so much, Diane" (New Jersey)

"I did identical orders at 4 other sites and About-Beads came in between $75 and $146 less. Thank you for having prices that people on low fixed incomes can afford. Thank you for having all the beads that are needed to complete projects. Thank you for having such delightful free patterns for us to download. I feel that I can not express my appreciation for you enough. So Thank You again." Norma (Montana)

Hi,I want to thank you so much for getting my order in the mail so quickly. I have never received such great service from a company before!!! You are great to work with and I will be recommending you to others. Thanks again, Mary (Maine)

What great service. Place my order Saturday morning and the beads were in my mailbox Monday afternoon. Already started the project – and have just placed a second order for more delicas…..keep up the great service. Carol (Maryland)

Thank you very much for sending the beads to my wife, she was surprised. The check is on it's way to you, sorry it took so long. Now that is what I call fast service! She is very pleased with your service and the variety of beads you have on stock, you are very efficient and fast. Thank you once again. R. All (Texas)

Hello to everyone at About-Beads, I placed an order on Sunday and it arrived today (Tuesday)! What great delivery--even choosing the cheapest shipping method. You are absolutely the best internet business I have ever done business with and I thank everyone for your outstanding service and of course, quality products. Sincerely, Cindy (Arizona)

Thank you so much!  My order came in today and  I was not expecting
it till next week!!  I'm so impressed!  I will be ordering from you again!! Leigh (Louisiana)

Hi, Karl, I would like to thank you for the bead order I have just received from you. Your service is excellent & the dinky little containers the beads come in are lovely. I pay almost twice as much for Delica beads in the UK so will certainly be returning to you in the future!!!  Once again, many thanks, Best wishes, Patti (Scotland)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your great products and outstanding service. Without your business I would have to make a 200 mile round trip to purchase these beads. Your shipping charge is less than my gas would cost! Thank you, thank you.  Cindy (Arizona)

I love your site, your great service, and the flip-top boxes that you pack your beads in. Thank you so much for being here for us beaders. Jackie (Washington)

Thank you for such fast delivery.  I am impressed. Kathy (England)

Wow! Your delivery is super fast. Thank you, thank you. Cindy (Arizona)

I wanted to thank you for filling my order so quickly. I really appreciate it. I ordered it on Friday, and I received it today (Monday)!!! Fantastic service. Thanks again.  Jane (Florida)

I went to 5 stores and about 20 sites... you were the only one with all colors and the best prices! I love the containers the beads are shipped in, wonderful for storage. Thanx!  Lori (California)

I wanted to let you know that I got my beads on Friday! I didn't think I would get them until Sat at the soonest, and thought Monday was more realistic. I was so surprised to see them that fast. Thank you again for coming through for me!  Meghan (Oklahoma)

I've ordered from you before and I think your products are wonderful. I especially appreciate you sending my beads in your flip top tubes. They are great and this an extra special perk I can't get from any other company.  Myra (Colorado)

This is the second time I have ordered. I was very pleased the first time. I will be doing all of my orders with you in the future!  Debra (Utah)

I just wanted to comment on your terrific service. I received my shipment yesterday (Wednesday) and considering that I ordered on a Sunday and you folks had to get back to me about payment and all (I'm always a bit leery about giving out credit and/or debit card numbers online or over the phone), I found this to be outstanding. Your explanation about the shipping cost was well worded and thorough. The beads (from what I can see, I haven't actually worked with them yet) are high quality and were well packaged. I can assure you that I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future. Aside from that, your online selection is excellent and the website is easy to manuever. Thank you, Sabrina (California)

Hello! I just wanted to let you know I received my bead order and everything was perfect! I couldn't believe how fast you were able to deliver this order! You can bet I won't be looking elsewhere for my Delicas! Thank you so very much! Liz (Virginia)

This is my second order from you, and I just want to say...the beads 
are gorgeous and your service is incredible! Nancy (Texas)

Wow!  I could hardly believe it!  Ordered on Friday and here in England before 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning!  Thank you, that is amazing service. They look super. Will order again soon.  Sylvia (North Lincolnshire, UK)

Hi Suzanne, I received my order today! Wow! How do you get the Feds to move your packages so fast? :-) Thank you very much; everything came to me just fine. Look forwarding to doing more business with you! Susan (Virginia)

I can say your service is the best I have had, on ordering items from America. I love the way you send them out in the liitle boxes. it means I don't have to transfer them when they arrive. When I started looking for the colours that I needed for this pattern, I started here in UK, I found that one store only sold a few of the 56 shades I needed and the other had most of them, but they were the same price in sterling as you sell them in dollars, and even with postage I think I saved about $77, and that is a lot of money. I will recommend you to all my beading friends. Thanks once again, keep up the good work.  Maureen (England)

Thanks for the wonderful prices and fast shipping. Its so hard to find good Miyuki Delicas that are priced well. I like the 5 gram packages, because I use alot of different colors, and just a little bit. Priced between $1.00 and $6.00, it is very affordable to anyone. You've made a customer out of me. By the way....the shipping price is OUTSTANDING!! Very reasonable!!  Michele (Connecticut)

Suzanne, I just want to compliment you on your wonderful service and the best prices for Delica beads on line!! I always know that when I order from you the order will be shipped promptly and I am receiving the best value. I recommend your site to all my beading friends. Thanks again - it is always a pleasure doing business with you.  Trish (Pennsylvania)

Just had to let you know the beads I ordered on Friday evening arrived this morning (Tues). I was so shocked, I have never had such a quick delivery from America. I am about to order some more.  Keep up the good work.  Maureen (England)

Holy fast bead delivery, Batman! I ordered them Friday afternoon and got them Monday. Thanks for the speedy service and great selection. I will definitely shop with you again. Alissa (South Carolina)

Hi Suzanne, I want to let you know that I received my order today and I am thrilled. Your website was the first place that I could find ALL the different color beads I needed for projects. Everywhere else I checked had some beads out of stock and simply did not carry a lot of the colors I was looking for! I have already bookmarked your website and will be ordering more beads from you in the future. Thanks so much! Cathy (Georgia)

Thank you Suzanne, I very much appreciate the prompt service. I have no outlet in my community for Delica beads and have to make a 200-mile round trip to Phoenix if I need them. I am so happy to find your site and I love that the beads come in smaller 5 gram packages, and naturally your low prices and prompt delivery. I recommend you to my "beadie" friends. Thanks again, I'll be back. Cindy (Arizona)

Just a quick note to say the beads have arrived safely. You are obviously a very well organized team there as post from you arrives with me quicker than post sent in this country. I am amazed. Thank you for your very efficient service and beautiful beads. Regards Helen (England)

I received my order on Friday and I am so pleased! The fast shipping, prices, and quality of your beads and customer service have given you a new repeat customer. I look forward to many more shipments of fabulous beads from your fine company! Have a great week! Steph (Pennsylvania)

WOW!!!! Suzanne, Your beads reached me before your email! You guys rock. You have to be one of the best places I have ever dealt with. Please keep up the great work you do. I ordered my beads on Thursday the 11th and received them Saturday the 13th all the way in AZ.  Vicki (Arizona)

I must tell you that I really enjoy placing an order with you and your web site. I tell anyone into beadery about you and your delightful business habits. Mabel (Florida)

I got my beads today, and they are gorgeous! I'm always amazed at how fast they get here. Thanks again! Meghan (Oklahoma)

I received my order on Friday and I am so pleased! The fast shipping, prices, and quality of your beads and customer service have given you a new repeat customer. I look forward to many more shipments of fabulous beads from your fine company!  Steph (Washington)

Thank you for the speedy service. I was so surprised to receive my order the next day. NancyLee (Florida)

Just to let you know I got the package today, the beads are lovely !!! Thanks, Lluïsa (Spain)

Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your fast shipping, great selection and prices, and communication. I am recommending your site to my beading friends! thanks again, Lee (North Carolina)

You guys are the greatest. I work part time at a local bead store and even paying the shipping and handling can get my Delicas through you at a much better price. Plus, I always seem to have them in about three days. Michaele (Washington)

I really like your site. The organization is very logical, and it's easy to find what I am looking for. Your prices seem very reasonable as well. Thanks again!  Lee (North Carolina)

Wow, your service is great! My order arrived so quickly--Thanks a ton.  Cynthia (Arizona)

I just wanted to say thanks for the last order, would you believe I got it 7 days after submitting the order.  I cannot believe it, 7 days from the USA.  I cannot get orders that fast from any where in Australia.  Thanks for the fantastic service.  Cheers from down under.  Sharlene (Australia)

You're incredible! I received my order already. You do a great job shipping and I love your products! Keep up the stupendous work.  Kathleen (Utah)

You people are awesome.  Beads ordered 8/3/03 arrived today (8/7).  Thank you so much.  Carole (New Mexico)

I LOVE your site!  I've looked at many, many bead sites and only bought from a few because most of them make ordering & browsing such a chore.  Yours is by FAR the easiest to use and the most pleasing to browse through.  I'm so glad I found you!  Thanks again.  Debbie (New York)

Karl, I've been buying beads from your company for a while now and I just have to tell you that I love the service and the way they are packaged.  I get them in no time.  I am so pleased with my beads, I don't plan on going anywhere else for beads or supplies.  Ginny (Pnnnsylvania)

I truly appreciate the fact you have all the colors of Delica beads, your low price and the speed with which you ship.  Have told many people about your site.  Frankie (Texas)

Suzanne,  You must have a special connection at the U.S. Post Office.  I placed my order on Wednesday and found it in my PO Box on Saturday.  I couldn't believe that the mail went from FL to CA that fast -- I can't even get a card delivered across town that quick!  Thanks once again for the terrific service.  Penelope (California)

One of the things I wanted to make a point of telling every one is that I've got Suzanne's BeadFix program and I think if you're a beader you have GOT To get this program!!!  It's great, really great!  I never got my Beadscape working - still don't have a Mac that works - so I don't know if that has an issue with proportions or not.  But with the BeadCellar I'm using now it is, and without BeadFix I'd have to get out my calculator and cheat sheet to figure the correct number of rows.  BeadFix does it for me and I love it!  THANK YOU Suzanne for telling me about it!  Oh, I must sound like I'm shilling for Suzanne! LOL... I'm not, I just really like the program!  Deborah (New York)

Suzanne,  I received the beads today.  What fabulous service!!  I will definitely be using you again for my orders and hopefully often!  Thank you very much.  Wanda (Colorado)

I am glad you wrote because I wanted to write and tell you how much I love your company.  I have placed two orders in the last month and both have come so fast!  I live in Montana and they get here in four or five days which is amazing.  Thank you for being so prompt and with such good service.   Linda (Montana)

Suzanne - Thank you for acknowledging receipt of my order.  I was planning to drive to Sacramento tomorrow just to go to a bead store (4 hour round trip), but finally remembered the trusty internet.  I really like the way your web site is put together.  Suzy (California)

Suzanne -  I absolutely LOVE your website and am amazed at the speed of service and the selection and the overall quality of your business!  I am so happy I found you on the internet and will share your site with all my friends!  You are another reason beading is so much fun!  Chery (Missouri)


Suzanne, You guys are fantastic!!!!  I just received my bead order today. I am very pleased with the beads and especially with the service from everyone there. You can believe that I will be ordering all my beads from you guys in the future!!! I have never had such excellent and fast service.  Thank you very much!!! Virginia B. (Pennsylvania)

Karl,  My beads arrived today and I am extremely pleased with my purchase!  While the safe packing was a definite bonus, I was even more excited to see my name on the labels!  Thank you so much for such timely service  and a great product at a phenomenal price!  I'm actually heading over to  your site immediately after I send this email to place another order!  Sincerely, Lisa L. (Maryland)

Karl, We received our bead order yesterday and are very happy with the speed of  delivery.  Love the flip top packaging and am sure you will be hearing from us on another order soon. Rose R. (Idaho)

Hi Karl.  Just wanted to let you know that you are the greatest, fastest, best bead supplier around.  I will definitely be shopping with you again.  Thanks,Pat M. (Calif.)

GREAT SITE and SUPER SERVICE!!  Leona B. (Florida)

Just wanted everyone to know how wonderful Karl is to deal with!  I ordered A LOT of beads and am THRILLED with them and the service I received.  Don't hesitate to purchase from this website.  THANKS!!!  Tracey N. (Wisconsin)

Great web page!  Very professional and simple to understand and use.  The shopping cart works perfectly also.  Thanks for all the great service you've provided for me and my adventure into bead loom weaving!  Martha H. (Illinois)

Karl.  I ordered on Saturday, you shipped on Monday, I received my beads on Wednesday.  You are the greatest!  Thank you,  Nancy R. (Arizona)

Received my order today.  There are some things you should be aware of. (1)  They arrived in very good shape.  That's because they were well packaged.  (2)  The way you packaged them individually was fantastic.  The way they were labeled with the necessary information, was superb.  Of course, I must mention the fact that my name was on every container just knocked me out.  (3)  The service was fast and sufficient.  (4)  All of this along with the price has made me a forever customer.  I have shopped locally, ordered by catalog and done a lot of shopping online.  By no means is anyone better than you.  You and your company are number one.  Mabel M. (Florida)

Wow!!!  Thanks for the speedy service.  I'm just getting started with Delicas so I've ordered a small variety.  I'm sure I'll be back for more!  Connie A. (New Jersey)

Hi Karl.  You guys are great and fast; along with being the lowest priced that I've found so far (at least for the small quantities that I need).  I live close to General Bead in SF and I thought their prices were low, but on a gram for gram basis, you've got them beat.  I don't know if the shipping will make a difference, but for right now I'm buying from you!  Pat M. (California)

Dear Karl, I received my order today.  What wonderful packaging!  Personalized beads, how cool is that!  Thank You!  Lynn S. (Missouri)

Karl - My order just got here, Fast Fast service, Thank you so much!!  I was waiting so impatiently for these and I really appreciate your taking care of my order so quickly :)
And what GORGEOUS beads!  I couldn't be happier with the quality of those I've received and the great selection you have available.  I will definitely be ordering more in the very near future and will spread the word about how great you are!  Thanks so much, again, from a VERY happy customer :) :)  Joyce G. (California)

Hi Karl!  Got the tubes today in the mail -- thank you SO much for sending these! It was so nice of you to go to all that extra trouble, and I really appreciate it!  Tamelyn F. (Tennessee)

Well I'll be darned :).  I just got on the net to write you and let you know my other CD just came and I inserted it and got nothing but the error message.  I was so afraid you'd have to reorder and then after it came to you, it'd come to me - another 2 or 3 weeks :(.  But, nope, you've already taken care of it for me :).  Sharon M. -

Karl - Here's another example of your efforts to spoil me.  And I was already having a hard time buying beads from anyone else.  Thanks yet again for service above and beyond my expectations. You are a pleasure to deal with.  Kristin T. (California)

Karl, You guys are just too good!! I sincerely appreciate your customer service, and being the supervisor of customer service at our Air Force Base Exchange, I would like to think I do know a thing about good service!!  You guys are top notch!!  Thanks, will be looking for the flip tops!!   Peggy C. (South Carolina)

My first experience with About-Beads has been extremely positive.  I will not hesitate to purchase beads from you in the future.          Bobbie K. (Massachusetts)

Karl, Thank you for such speedy service!  Kudos to you on your website - it is VERY easy to buy stuff off of it.  Bird Song Designs will be sure to use it again in the future!  Sincerely,
Robin H. (California)

I just received my bead order today. YEA!!  I am placing an order for another project I want to do but you do not list the #66 White that my pattern calls for.  Any way to get it?  Do you have a suggestion for another white that would work?  Great to do business with you.  Thanks,   Jackie H. (Virginia)  Note: I got her the DB-066 and this is what she wrote back.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I am so glad I found this website.  Jackie

Thank you.  My beads came in faster than I expected and the order was letter perfect.  This is only my first beading project, but you will get a recommendation from me to my embroidery guild (EGA) chapter.  Thanks again.  Jane "K" (Ohio)

Karl, The order arrived today.  These are my first Delica's and they are more beautiful than I had hoped.  Thanks for your quick response to my order.  Sincerely,  Judy M. (Texas)

Hi, All I can say is "WOW!!" I received my bead order TODAY!! That was lightening speed fast and I love it!! I am a new beader so just figuring out what stitches I like and what beads I like and need etc. Plan to ALWAYS come back to you for all my Delica bead needs and hope your business blossoms!! Thank you so very much, your prompt delivery and responses to all my emails concerning my double order and how to pay etc, are truly appreciated, Peggy C. (South Carolina)

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