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Product Details

Product Details

  • Miyuki Delica (DB) size 11/0 and Delica Medium (DBM) 10/0 glass beads are cylindrical with square ends and are uniform in size
  • The center hole is large which makes them light and allows your thread to pass through the bead multiple times
  • There are very few imperfect beads needing to be culled

Beads are sold in our clear plastic rectangular tubes with easy open flip top lids (unless marked otherwise in the bead description page).

Size 11/0: Unless marked differently, each tube contains approximately 5 grams which is 900 to 1000 beads (approx. 600 beads when sold in 3 gram quantity). The variation in quantity is due to the different finishes on the beads.

Delica 11/0 specs:

  • Diameter 1.6 mm
  • Lenth 1.3 mm
  • Hole 0.80 mm     

Size 10/0: Unless marked differently, each tube contains approximately 7 grams which is about 750 beads. The quantity may vary due to the different finishes on the beads.

Delica 10/0 specs:

  • Diameter 2.2 mm
  • Lenth 1.7 mm
  • Hole 1 mm   
Categories of Finished Beads
Process Feature Example Durability
Transparent Crystal or colored transparent.   0 0 0
Opaque Black,Chalk-White or colored opaque.   0 0 0
Non-extra Finish No coating on beads   0 0 0
Silverline Silverplated into the hole of beads. Silverline - - -
Silverline dyed - X X
Rainbow Rainbow coating. Transparent rainbow 0 0 0
(AB coating) Opaque rainbow 0 0 0
  Inside color rainbow - 0 X
Luster Luster coating. Transparent luster 0 0 0
Opaque luster 0 0 0
Glazed luster 0 - 0
Metallic Iris coating or bronzed Gunmetal 0 0 0
luster glazed. Iris 0 0 0
  Bronze 0 0 0
Gold Luster Gold luster glazed.   X - -
Ceylon Luster coating or inside coloring of opalescent beads.   0 0 0
Inside Color Dyed color inside Inside color - 0 X
the hole of beads.
Dyed Color Dyed color   - X X
on the
surface of beads.
Galvanize Silverplating   - X X
on the
surface of beads. Dyed - X X
Duracoat Durable Coating Duracoat Galvanized - - -
Duracoat Silverline Dyed - - -
Duracoat Opaqeue Dyed - - -
Silk Silk White color with Satin finish.   0 0 0
Special Plating Special Plated beads as 24KT gold,   0 - 0
Palladium Inside (Gold) 0 - 0
,Nickel,etc. Inside( Copper) - X -
  Dyed - X X
Frost(Matte) Frosted beads. Frost 0 0 0
Frost rainbow 0 0 0
Matte bronze 0 0 0
Semi-Matte 0 0 0
Special Finish Silverline Glazed Beads   - - -
Picasso Picasso coating   - - -
Special Coating Czech Coating Mrea, Magic Orchid etc.. - - -
Durability information
This data is based on Miyuki's examination result and manufacturing history. It is not absolute, therefore it differs in an individual use and condition. Please test a sample before using if you have a concern.
Mark Meaning
A Colors which might change and / or fade due to bright sun or deterioration with time.
B Colors rubbing off from friction or contact with skin acid.
C Colors which will alter or fade from dry-cleaning.
0 There is no problem in usual use.
- There might be a problem in durability by individual use..
X There is not strong durability, so attention is required for use.
Please follow appropriate handling referring to the above information and the following notices when they are applied to textile goods or accessories that touch the skin directly.
Some beads are dyed, galvanized or plated. The colors on the outer layers may come off, if rubbed, or if soaked in a strong solvent.
Silverline or galvanized beads are oxidized. When applied to certain fabrics that are acidic, they may decay or turn dark due to the chemical change. In order to avoid this, neutralize your fabrics and threads before embroidering.
Some dyed color beads might fade by the sunlight.


We have provided a color sample for each bead color, however please use these only as a rough guide. The actual color may vary significantly from the sample picture. This variation is due to the different finishes on the beads and how they react to different light sources. Computer monitors may show colors differently.