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Customer Testimonials

"Your service is TOP NOTCH! I'm always delighted to receive my orders from you ... they are beautifully & securely packaged, and it shows you take great pride in your work. Orders are always processed & delivered very quickly, and you've gone out of your way more than once, to ensure that it's a great transaction. I appreciate very much, all the ways you strive to keep happy customers. I recommend you to everyone who asks about purchasing Delicas! Thank you, Trish, for great customer service!" ---Terrie H


"Thank you for your prompt response and quick shipping!!" ---Linda W


"Thank u for the extra discount but more so the efficient service.  I have made overseas purchases from various suppliers of embroidery for myself and the stitching group I belong to but have yet to experience such wonderful service. Trish, Thank u again. Much appreciated." ---Li T (New Zealand)


"Thank you for your quick response." ---Gay O


"Thanks for the update and delivering a quality product." ---Kama B


"Hi Trish Please do not stress, have bought from you guys before and know you will not let me down." ---Christine L


"You Guys Do Good Work.  I have appreciated working with you over the last several years." ---Maxi S


"You guys are awesome!!" ---Linda W


"Thank you so much for the service that you have given me through sending out my beads. I am planning on leaving here next Tuesday and I wasn't real sure whether I would get them or not and you made my day. I know I can order them like I had to this time and they'll be here in plenty of time." ---Ann

I tell all my friends about you because I love the service you give to us once again thanks so much Ann


"Thank You!  My order came sooner than I expected.  I really enjoy doing business with you -- you always get it right. THANKS" ---Cindy M


"There are some beads that I can't find.  I already have some in the shopping cart on your website. The old website was easier & finding things was faster." ---Laura E

Response to Laura's above request:

"I do apologize that you are having trouble locating these beads. There are a few ways you can search. If you use our search option the format for the bead numbers is DB0000. For example of you are looking for DB-752, you would enter it as DB0752 to locate that bead on the site. Also you can use the filter on the left side bar menu and click on the number range you are looking for. That will then only show the beads in that number range. I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you need any further assistance. Trish"


"Thanks for the speedy reply. It will be here at about the same time as the others. Breathing easier now. I’ll be back with future orders." ---Gwen M


"Thank you for manually processing my order. That was very kind of you to take 10% off. I love your beads and customer service. I will be back." ---Tohanash


"I'd like to say thank you for the service that you gave me on my first order to your company love what I got will be ordering more later thanks hun have a great day." ---Ann


"Thanks Trish!  I apologize for my mistake.  I appreciate your fast response and fixing it for me." ---George


"Thank you, again, so much, for all your kindness and helpfulness. It's so refreshing to have such an enjoyable transaction with a polite and personable human being. Add me to the list of folk passing your name along to other beaders... especially since the only bead store in our town is closing. Have a lovely day." ---Danelle B


 "I am very pleased with your product and all of my delica beads and have been very pleased with the service." ---Doris S


"Thanks great service.  Love your new website." ---Kathy M


"Wow! Great shopping site I’m so glad I found you. I think I just found my new best bead shop." ---James F


"Just want to let you know I have received my order and it's always it is very good just love your product and the service that you give to us. Thanks and keep up the good work." ---Ann


"Thank you for doing such a great job and providing such excellent service." ---Kate


"Thank you for the fast shipping of my order a couple of  weeks ago." ---Flo H